IPv6 enabled Christmas Tree

Ping it to light it up!
2a05:9b81:2020::AA:BB:CC for HTML Color #AABBCC
2a05:9b81:2020::FF:00:00 for color RED
2a05:9b81:2020::00:FF:00 for color GREEN
2a05:9b81:2020::00:00:FF for color BLUE
2a05:9b81:2020::FF:FF:FF for color WHITE
... and so on...
Every ping packet flashes a random LED in the requested color.

Keep in mind there is a few seconds streaming delay on youtube
You won't get a ping reply (saves me bandwidth) but in the livestream you should see LEDs flashing for every packet received.

Update 2019-12-24:
I received so many nice messages from all of you, so the tree is back again!
10Gbit/s internet uplink this year, let's see if you can saturate this as well...

Update 2020-01-11:
Just for fun (and to see if you can saturate the 10gbit/s uplink) we added a pixelflut screen
You know how it works. Ping to 2a05:9b81:2021:X:Y:RR:GG:BB
(0 <= X < 1920 , 0 <= Y < 1080 )

Update 2020-01-17:
Ok, that actually took longer than expected... We were happily processing 96Mpps earlier today...
Then suddenly we got a call from our uplink provider... They were actually amused to see 180Gbit/s of ICMPv6 traffic...
They were not so pleased however with the saturated backbone links in 3 European countries...
Not sure when/if we'll be back. Stay tuned...
Please shut down the botnets and try to keep it fun for everyone...