IPv6 enabled Christmas Tree

Ping it to light it up!
2001:6a8:28c0:2017::AA:BB:CC for HTML Color #AABBCC
2001:6a8:28c0:2017::FF:00:00 for color RED
2001:6a8:28c0:2017::00:FF:00 for color GREEN
2001:6a8:28c0:2017::00:00:FF for color BLUE
2001:6a8:28c0:2017::FF:FF:FF for color WHITE
... and so on...
Every ping packet flashes a random LED in the requested color.

Keep in mind there is about 10 to 15 seconds streaming delay on youtube
You won't get a ping reply (saves me bandwidth) but in the livestream you should see LEDs flashing for every packet received.

As it turns out inviting the entire internet to ping my IP address might not be the best idea I ever had...
Bandwidth is regularly maxing out at 300Mbit/s of incoming ICMPv6 traffic, so bear with me if the livestream occasionally drops out for a moment.
Please avoid pingfloods for prolonged periods and give everyone a chance to try it out.
If we all play nice I will try to keep the tree online until new year's eve.